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• How to buy books on Teresa?

You will find all the references of the books on Teresa in the Bibliography section of the web site. The books can be ordered from their respective publishers (whenever the publishers have a web site, a link toward this site has been placed), at times from online bookstores. Some of the books in Spanish can be bought from the Teresa de Los Andes Shrine bookstore in Auco, Chile. To order books from the Shrine bookstore, look at the way to order the movie from the boostore, since the process is similar.

• How to get images, medals or relics of Teresa?

No image, medal or relic can be found at this web site. Please enter in touch with a monastery of Discalced Carmelite Nuns or a Discalced Carmelite Fathers close to you.

You may find a list of addresses of Carmelite monasteries at the following page:

Another possibility is to order directly from the Auco Shrine bookstore.


• How to find the movie on the life of Teresa?

Please note that this web site does neither sell nor distribute the "Teresa de Los Andes" movie on the life of Teresa. There are currently two ways to get the movie:

1) The easiest way is to order on the Internet the Spanish version with English subtitles released by Ignatius Press (U.S.A.). This version (a set of 3 DVD) does not have a regional protection code and can be seen outside the U.S.

2) The Spanish version without sub-titles (a set of 4 DVD) may be ordered from the Teresa de Los Andes Shrine bookshop in Auco (Chile). See below how to order it (it is not very easy unless you live in Chile).

In the United States, EWTN uses to broadcast the movie during the first part of July before the feastday of Teresa (July 13). Check out the scheduling at


• How concretely to order the movie in Spanish (without sub-titles) on the life of Teresa?

- Send an email to the Auco Shrine bookstore mentioning your name, your address and the version of the DVD you would like to order (NTSC for America, PAL for Europe). Ask for the total cost of the order (DVD + shipping) since it depends upon the exchange rate of the Chilean peso versus the dollar or the euro. To give you an idea, the DVD (NTSC version) costs about 34 USD + 10 USD (shipping) = 44 USD. The PAL version is slightly more expensive.

- The Shrine bookstore shall answer you and mention the exact cost of your order. It will ask you to send a check for the payment. The order of the check must be "Librería Santuario S.A.". The check must be either in US dollars or in euros and must be sent by certified mail to the following address: "Librería del Santuario Teresa de Los Andes - Casilla 357 - Los Andes - Chile".

- Upon reception of your check, the Shrine bookstore shall send you the DVD by certified mail.


• Are there other versions of the "Teresa de Los Andes" movie with doubling or with sub-titles in other languages than English?

No, currently there are not, although the Teresa de Los Andes Shrine plans to release in the future a multilingual version of the movie. Stay tuned!



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